How EnviroDad is Rethinking Fatherhood, and “How did I live my Dash?”

EnviroDad:  Eric Novak is the Editor in Chief and principal contributor to EnviroDad.com.  He is also the President and founder of Modern Media Perspectives.  In this role, he provides media consulting services related to public and media relations, marketing and communications. Eric is a consultant, video producer, TV host, writer, blogger and custom publisher.


Join us today as we discuss how EnviroDad is helping us rethink Fatherhood, Parenthood and how we raise our kids.  With a unique perspective on sustainability, Eric helps us explore what it means to be an EnviroDad without the Birkenstock, or granola filled lifestyle.  As he puts it, “I like granola, but it gets stuck in my teeth.”


Do you enjoy everyday consumer items?  Does this make you feel guilty, as it affects the environment?  EnviroDad helps us bridge the gap.  With a practical sense of consumerism, Eric Novak spends much of his energy educating people on how everyday items aren’t the bad guy.  By focussing on the 4th “R” of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink; Eric challenges us look at how we make our way through life differently.  As we discuss, our children enjoy the shade of the trees we plant.  What kind of shade are you leaving your kids?


Ice Cream and Cookies, or Lawnmowers and Cars, Eric reviews them all!  Need examples of good fatherhood and environmental rethinking in action?  Visit EnviroDad.com to see how Eric’s Enviro Tips, Video clips or News and Events keep you up to date on how to be a responsible Father:  Setting the good example for your children and getting the best bang for buck.


For more information Eric Novak visit:  Envirodad.com


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