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tony morrow

Tony Morrow

We believe that every Dad wants to be a better Father, but doesn’t know how. With so much material out there geared towards Moms and parents in general, men are craving a voice that speaks to them. TheAverageFather is that voice. We go into the facts as to why you are experiencing difficulty and how that can be changed. We share our personal stories so you know you aren’t alone. We give you answers to the questions you didn’t have to ask. Our FellowFather community is a growing resource,

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Scott Behson + Survival

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide and Work – Life Balance with Scott Behson Survival is not the only thing Scott Behson knows about.  Scott is the author of, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, Professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and is an advocate for Working […]


The Gift of Failure

How Dads can have the courage to let their grow through Failure! Fear of Failure can be crippling.  But don’t think this only applies to kids.  Parents increasingly seem to have a fear of their own kids failing.  In her book, The Gift of Failure:  How […]



How EnviroDad is Rethinking Fatherhood, and “How did I live my Dash?” EnviroDad:  Eric Novak is the Editor in Chief and principal contributor to EnviroDad.com.  He is also the President and founder of Modern Media Perspectives.  In this role, he provides media consulting services related […]