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About Tony Morrow

After over a decade in the Royal Canadian Navy, Tony Morrow, host and founder of began an even bolder adventure: Fatherhood. With many hard lessons learned, this veteran Dad is interviewing experts about Fatherhood, and sharing his knowledge with you! Tony Morrow is a happy husband and father of two. While still serving as a Naval Officer in the RCN, he works to help fathers ease into parental life. With speaking engagements and coaching helping to fill his time when he is not behind the mic, there is nothing more important to him than his family.

We believe every Dad wants to be a better Father…

We believe that every Dad wants to be a better Father, but doesn’t know how. With so much material out there geared towards Moms and parents in general, men are craving a voice that speaks to them. Tony Morrow, founder of The Average Father is that voice. We go into the facts as to why you are experiencing difficulty and how that can be changed. We share our personal stories so you know you aren’t alone. We give you answers to the questions you didn’t have to ask. Our FellowFather community is a growing resource, “By Dads, For Dads, and About Fatherhood”.

We Support Families.

Being a good father is not only important for your children, but for your family as a whole. We understand how difficult fatherhood can be. Whether you’re a single dad or still happily married, you’re part of a family that you support. Our mission is to help support you, and make fatherhood a little easier.

We help Dad’s be better Fathers.

Are you a new dad?  Struggling on how to be a father? Have you been a dad for years, and still trying to figure it out?  Regardless of where you are and how you feel about Fatherhood, we are here to help.

We provide valuable education for Fathers.

Our focus is to provide everyday dads with valuable education on how to be a better father. Currently we provide a on going series of podcasts that you can subscribe to on iTunes and Stitcher. Our Dadabase provides a list of useful fatherhood resources including books and songs.