Scott Behson + Survival

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide and Work – Life Balance with Scott Behson Survival is not the only thing Scott Behson knows about.  Scott is the author of, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, Professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and is an advocate for Working […]


The Gift of Failure

How Dads can have the courage to let their grow through Failure! Fear of Failure can be crippling.  But don’t think this only applies to kids.  Parents increasingly seem to have a fear of their own kids failing.  In her book, The Gift of Failure:  How […]



How EnviroDad is Rethinking Fatherhood, and “How did I live my Dash?” EnviroDad:  Eric Novak is the Editor in Chief and principal contributor to  He is also the President and founder of Modern Media Perspectives.  In this role, he provides media consulting services related […]


Discipline without Damage

How do you Discipline without Damage? All you need is LOVE and a Course Made Good: That and other secrets from Dr. Vanessa Lapointe! Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, Author of the book, “Discipline without Damage” joins us today to talk about how we can give our […]


Take a Break: Rest, Recover + Retool

How taking a Break makes you a better Father! TAKE A BREAK!  You have heard it before when it comes to work, or your professional life:  You need to take time in your day to rest, recover and retool to be more effective.  The same […]


Fatherhood Coaching Today!’s Fatherhood Coaching series launches today! After surveying our #fellowfathers during our first season, and going to baby fairs throughout the Pacific Northwest you have told us what you need and want:  Coaching.   Today I am proud to announce that is launching its […]


Brian The Birth Guy

Don’t be afraid of the Big Bad Birth, with Brian the Birth Guy! Join us today for a frank chat with Brian Salmon, or better known as Brian the Birth Guy!  Brian is a male doula, or perhaps better described as an executive assistant for […]


TeamParent Oil Change

Work on TeamParent for your marriage and your kids! Driving your car is a lot like how many of us on TeamParent deal with our marriages.  You don’t stop for help until something breaks.   When you take your car in for servicing, you will […]


#BBC2016 Checkup

The Updated #BBC2016  Plan for Fitness Success! We are now past the half way point of our #BBC2016 challenge.  I checked in with you all via Twitter earlier this week with my updated dimensions.  It was very disappointing!  As a result I committed to a new […]


How are you with Hair Dad?

How are you with Hair Dad? For many of us men, hair is not our forte.  Whether you are bald, thinning or even have a head full of hair; looking after lovely locks is not a skill many men possess.  In fact when thinking back […]


Podcasts - How To Be A Better Dad

Thanks for visiting our podcasts page on how to be better dad! Tony Morrow, main speaker of The Average Father, is continously creating new content to help guide new and existings dads on becoming a better father. Visit our Dadabase for addition help and resources on being an awesome dad.