How taking a Break makes you a better Father!

TAKE A BREAK!  You have heard it before when it comes to work, or your professional life:  You need to take time in your day to rest, recover and retool to be more effective.  The same is true in your home life as a father.


Taking time for ourselves allows us to clear our heads, increase our capacity for patience, and gives us the opportunity to be inspired.  A busy home can be just as stressful as a busy office, sometimes more so.  Just as it is important to step away from work throughout the day in order to more effective, it is important to take a reprieve from the home routine to be a better father.


Raising a family can be one of the most stressful times in our lives.  Our attention is pulled in many directions at the same time.  We have competing demands on our time and money.  It is a period of our lives where are relationships can stressed, and our sanity tested.  In the end, the rewards are worth it, but it doesn’t have to be so stressful.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, then the first thing you need to do is give yourself some room to think.  Take a couple of hours, or if you can a day.  Take this time to relax with a fun activity.  Follow this up with some quiet time to think and reflect on how you can be a better father.


When thinking, identify the top three stressors in your home life.  Then find at least 3 different ways that you can eliminate, mitigate or manage each stressor.  When doing this in our family I came up with the following:



Dirty House

  • Clean weekly (make it part of the weekend routine)
  • Clean daily (Mop or vacuum each day)
  • Tidy up daily – Big Clean weekly (Get kids involved in Tidy up)


Hungry (Hangry)

  • Eat on a schedule, more regular meals
  • Pre-Cook large meals
  • Go out to eat more often


Not Exercising

  • Run in the morning
  • Work out at Gym during the day
  • Alternate Run + Workout


Now I have highlighted the options that worked for me.  The fitness part works well with the #BBC2016, the food piece is just something I had gotten lazy about, but finding the time to clean was the challenge.  As a result we are creating a schedule for our kids to follow so that they can help with cleaning and learn responsibility too.


If I hadn’t taken a break to think about these things, then they would still be issues I was wrestling with.  Look at your own life and see where you can take a break.  Give yourself the time, and see how much better it can be.


If you need more help, then don’t hesitate to go to:


Get 1 on 1 coaching on how to take some of these ideas and put them into action in your life.  Be the Best Father YOU can Be!