Don’t be afraid of the Big Bad Birth, with Brian the Birth Guy!

Join us today for a frank chat with Brian Salmon, or better known as Brian the Birth Guy!  Brian is a male doula, or perhaps better described as an executive assistant for giving birth.  Brian helps Mom and Dad understand what to expect, be prepared for the unexpected, and help you through the whole process of labour until your bundle of joy is in your arms!


A rockstar in his own right, Brian does play in a band, he has become a go to resource for Fathers looking to learn everything they need to know about the labour process.  From books to TV, podcasts and radio, Brian can be seen far and wide sharing what he has learned to help make the experience of bringing a baby into this world as stress free as possible.


Today Brian and I share stories from the delivery room floor.  We discuss his super hero origin story and what makes Brian so qualified and such a valuable resource for our #fellowfathers!  Brian shares with us a number of projects he is working on and how his most recent efforts can help you.  New Dads or Veteran Dads, this episode is not one to miss!


Join Brian on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram  as he shares his daily adventures in the world of birthing and babies.  You can also visit him at his website:  Here you can see all his upcoming events and reach out to connect with Brian.


With many projects in the works be on the lookout for Brian’s new Book and TV appearances which will be coming this summer!


All Things Brian the Birth Guy:





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