coaching’s Fatherhood Coaching series launches today!

After surveying our #fellowfathers during our first season, and going to baby fairs throughout the Pacific Northwest you have told us what you need and want:  Coaching.


Today I am proud to announce that is launching its Helping Hand Coaching series for Fatherhood.  This is a one on one coaching program designed to teach you about:


Your ROLE and a FATHER,


HOW the BALANCE Family and Work, and 


GIVE you SKILLS to be the better Father you want to be!


If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook then you will see the Video that talks about the course.  Designed for the Dad who has the best intentions but is being overwhelmed, this program is designed to help give you skills to manage that stress.  Fatherhood should be a time of Joy and happiness, but for many of us it can be a time of pain and anxiety.  Put the happiness back into your home life and sign up today!


Click HERE to claim your spot NOW.  With only 10 positions available before we close the doors on this, time is a factor.


The program will begin on 1 June 2016.  Following in June you will be able to have FOUR 1 hour sessions where we will be able to dive deep into the challenges you are dealing with.  Through the program you will come to understand how best to be a father to your children, become comfortable in that role and celebrate the growing and loving relationship in your family.


If being a parent is a team sport, then you need to know your position Dad!  Hone your Fatherhood skill set and actively work to be the best Dad to your kids.


BECOME THE BETTER FATHER YOU WANT TO BE!  Sign up today for your happy family’s future.