How are you with Hair Dad?

For many of us men, hair is not our forte.  Whether you are bald, thinning or even have a head full of hair; looking after lovely locks is not a skill many men possess.  In fact when thinking back to childhood and the sitcom families we watched, I now relate much more with Al Bundy than his more vain and flowing haired friend Jefferson D’Arcy.  FEAR NOT my follicly frustrated fathers DADDY DAUGHTER HAIR FACTORY is here to help you!


Over the years as a single dad, Philippe Morgese has had to deal with the challenge of caring for his daughter’s long blonde locks.  As his daughter has grown, Philippe has found this to be a time for bonding and an activity that strengthens their relationship.  He shares his story on how he took his many years of expertise and translated that into a National (USA) movement that enables MEN the opportunity to connect with their daughters.


Today Philippe is running seminars and classes across the United States, and is facilitating other fathers to do the same.  With a growing brand and recognition as an expert in hair care, Philippe has found himself in the midst of a movement to bring fathers from across the country together to connect with their daughters.  Fathers of all shapes and sizes have taken his classes.  While he can still count the months he’s actively been doing this on both hands, the momentum and enthusiasm behind this growing trend for fathers is unstoppable.  Connect with Philippe using the links below and see when the next chance is for you to learn how to care for your daughter’s hair.


If you have any questions about products, technique or how to get involved with DADDY-DAUGHTER-HAIR-FACTORY, then use the links below to connect.

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