Father doing pull ups

Fitness Friday with FitDadChris.com

Fitness Friday with FitDadChris.com Chris Azzari schools us on PULLUPS Welcome to our Fitness Friday Episode for 15 April, 2016!   Chris Azzari, father of 3 from FitDadChris.com joins us today to talk about PULLUPS: How to do them; Why they are important, and How you can […]

Work life balance

Do you have Work/Home life Balance?

Balance!  Rob Ainbinder tells us how he found it.    Balance is EVERYTHING!   Author, Daddy Blogger, and Daughter Dating critic:   Rob Ainbinder helps us find the path to balance.  Sharing his experience in corporate America, Rob describes for us the grind of being […]


The Three Stooges of Baby Bedtime Stories

Monday Rant and Rave   Have you ever been overwhelmed and needed to sub out?   In the Monday Rant: Tony shares his story of Three Stooges style abuse, Baby Vomit, and How the baby got to sleep!   Learn when you need to take […]

No More Dad Bod

Better Body Challenge 2016

Fitness Friday!   Welcome to the Better Body Challenge 2016   Can’t keep up with the kids?  Dadbod keeping you down?  Today as we discuss the Better Body Challenge 2016!     Join Tony is his Quest to trim inches and drop pounds by Father’s […]


Getting Real with Steve Bridge

Family Finances with Canada’s Money Coach Steve Bridge is a master at covering the details.  A former Olympic torch relay organizer and professional sports club manager, Steve gets into the weeds of what it takes to financially secure you child’s future.  In our discussion we […]

caveman baby

Monday Rants and Lullabies

Fatherhood is our human success story!   Welcome to Monday April 4, 2016!  Our First Monday Episode of TAF 2.0!   The Monday Rant! “Motherhood is a biological fact, while fatherhood is a social invention.” – Margaret Mead   Today we get a little deeper […]

Dr Wes Crenshaw

A Child’s Developmental Journey with Dr. Wes Crenshaw

Carefree vs. Careful Kids   WELCOME TO THEAVERAGEFATHER.COM SEASON 2.0!   Dr. Wes Crenshaw joins Tony today for a fireside chat about a child’s developmental journey, and how to tell the difference between Care-Free and Careful kids!   Family Psychological Services Founder, and Author of, […]

Dr Foster Cline

Straight Talk with Dr. Foster Cline

  WELCOME to THEAVERAGEFATHER.COM Season 2.0! Dr. Foster Cline joins Tony today to discuss how taking care of yourself as a father helps raise children who are Respectful, Responsible and Fun to be around.   Founder of the Love and Logic Institute, Dr. Cline shares […]

the average father


TheAverageFather.com (TAF) 2.0 is COMING APRIL 1ST!   Join us on April 1st for the launch of the second season of your fatherhood resource and community:  TheAverageFather.com SEE:  OUR NEW WEBSITE Easier to Use More Information Better Resources LISTEN:  TO THE PODCAST NOW 3 TIMES […]


Podcasts - How To Be A Better Dad

Thanks for visiting our podcasts page on how to be better dad! Tony Morrow, main speaker of The Average Father, is continously creating new content to help guide new and existings dads on becoming a better father. Visit our Dadabase for addition help and resources on being an awesome dad.