Work on TeamParent for your marriage and your kids!

Driving your car is a lot like how many of us on TeamParent deal with our marriages.  You don’t stop for help until something breaks.


When you take your car in for servicing, you will often get scheduled for your next oil change.  Brakes, Transmission fluid, even rotating tires fall into the category of ROUTINE MAINTENANCE.  These are things you do on a regular basis to keep your car running smoothly.  The same is true for your marriage.  Your relationships need maintenance just like your car.


Going to couples counseling is like taking your car to the garage.  If you wait until it is broken, it will cost you far more to fix than if you bring it in for regular tuning.  In fact, many marriages don’t survive the couples counseling repair attempts.


Caught early and practiced regularly, seeing a professional to discuss issues in a safe and structured environment is a recipe for success.


As a member of TeamParent it is important for you to realize that you are the example of healthy relationships for your children.  They will observe the loving, or lack of loving affection between you and your spouse and replicate that in their own relationships.  The more you work on your core relationship with your spouse, the greater the rewards for you children.  If you are able to create a stable, loving environment for your family, the benefits of that will radiate into the lives of your children.  They will be more confident, secure and independent as they grow based on the example and support you set.


Investing in your marriage will not only have immediate rewards in your home life, potentially your love life, but will have compounded positive effects on the lives of you children.


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