How do you Discipline without Damage?

All you need is LOVE and a Course Made Good:

That and other secrets from Dr. Vanessa Lapointe!

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, Author of the book, “Discipline without Damage” joins us today to talk about how we can give our kids the best chance at success.


Founder of the Wishing Star: Lapointe Developmental Clinic, Dr. Lapointe is a Psychologist who has been working to support families and children for more than 15 Years.  Her work as an author, touring speaking, and practicing Psychologist has established her as an expert in providing families the support they need for the best emotional health and development.


Today Dr. Lapointe and I get to sit down and speak about the effect of a child’s emotional environment on their long term mental and emotional health.  We explore what factors come into play in promoting and preventing sensitivities to anxiety and depression.  Dr. Lapointe explains why you don’t have to be a perfect parent to raise an emotionally successful child, and how it all starts with your own behaviour as a Father.


This is a particularly personal episode for me.  I have shared my journey in previous episodes with regards to my OSI, anxiety and depression.  In our conversation I reflect on my own reactivity, and we discuss what a I can do in order to insulate my children from developing those same sensitivities.


This was a very enlightening episode and interview for me.  I learned a lot about myself, and hope you will take away a lot of valuable insight from this interview as well.


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